Private Property

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How the State Worsens Economic Inequality

Business CyclesCalculation and KnowledgeMoney and BankingPrivate Property


Our monetary system favors those who are already-wealthy at the expense of those who are only beginning the wealth-building process.

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Privatize the Police

The Police StatePrivate Property


Murray Rothbard examines the nature of policing of streets and private establishments and how this would function in a free society.

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The 9 Best Quotes Against Intellectual Property

Legal SystemPrivate Property


Louis Rouanet compiles some of the best quotes to use against defenders of IP.

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Property Rights and "Human Rights"

Private Property


The rights of the individual are absolute; but they are property rights.

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Do Drive-Thrus Discriminate Against Non-Drivers?

Legal SystemPrivate Property


People who cannot drive want to buy McNuggets at 1 AM when only the drive-thru window is open. Should the state force this on restaurant owners?

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Private Restrooms Are Private Property

Private Property


Somebody paid for all those bathrooms inside businesses. The people who own them should decide who uses them.

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What Would Ludwig von Mises Do in Venezuela?

Global EconomyMoney and BankingPrivate Property


Ludwig von Mises's policy prescriptions for Austria after World War 1, offers insight into how Venezuela should respond to crisis and hyperinflation.

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How Capitalism Improves the Welfare of All

Free MarketsCapital and Interest TheoryPrivate Property


Antiliberal policy is a policy of capital consumption. It recommends that the present be more abundantly provided for at the expense of the future.

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Overtime Regulations Disproportionately Harm Young People and Startups

InterventionismPrivate PropertyValue and Exchange


The ability to work long hours is one of the few advantages young people have in the work place.

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When You Have Property Rights, You Don’t Need Religious Freedom

Media and CultureU.S. HistoryPrivate Property


Religious individuals and organizations have no need to appeal to "freedom of religion" if their property rights are respected.

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