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C.Jay Engel

C.Jay Engel is an investment advisor at The Sullivan Group, an independent, Austrian-School oriented, wealth management firm in northern California. He is especially interested in wealth preservation in our era of rogue Central Banking. He is an avid reader of the Austro-libertarian literature and a dedicated proponent of private property and sound money. Visit his economic blog,

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Neel Kashkari: Balance Sheet Should Precede Rate Hikes

The Fed

9 hours agoFedWatch
Minneapolis Fed president Kashkari voted against the Fed's March hike, wants to focus on the balance sheet question before the rate hike question.

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How Central Bankers See Themselves

The FedFinancial MarketsGlobal Economy

Central bankers position themselves as heroically saving the global economy, while blind to the fact they are the real problem.

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Yellen: "GDP is a Pretty Noisy Indicator"

The Fed

While expressing optimism about the economy, Yellen completely dismissed a question about the troubling Q1 GDP forecasts.

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Is the Era of Ultralow Interest Rates Coming to a Close?

The FedMoney and Banks

The financial press pretends that there's some grand shift away from the Fed's official low interest rate policy. This narrative is highly misleading.

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Monetary Showdown: European Version

Global EconomyMoney and Banks

There's a looming battle between the monetary status quo and the populist political trends.

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