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Edwin Walter Kemmerer

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Edwin Walter Kemmerer (1875–1945) was a professor of economics at Princeton University. He became famous as a "money doctor" or economic adviser to foreign governments all around the world, promoting plans based on strong currencies and balanced budgets.

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What Constitutes a Gold Standard

Gold Standard

01/05/2011Mises Daily Articles
The generic gold standard may be briefly defined as a monetary system where the unit of value — in terms of which prices, wages, and debts are customarily expressed and paid — consists of the value of a fixed quantity of gold in a large international market.

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Gold and the Gold Standard

Global EconomyMoney and Banking

Edwin Walter Kemmerer was a firm advocate of the gold standard, writing in the classical and Misesian tradition between 1923–1933, he favored hard money with convertibility domestic and international...

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