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What Happened When One Company Set a Minimum Wage of $70,000

The EntrepreneurPricesValue and Exchange

08/11/2015Mises Wire
When one CEO set his company's minimum wage at $70,000, some denounced the move as “socialism.” But the real situation is more complex than that, and we should look at how CEOs can use wages to achieve a variety of personal goals...

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The Entrepreneur

The EntrepreneurAustrian Economics Overview

Learn the fundamentals of the Austrian school.

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Mises University Mystery Speaker

The EntrepreneurCapital and Interest TheoryMonopoly and Competition

Includes an introduction by Jeff Deist. Recorded via Skype at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 23 July 2015.

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The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurshipMonopoly and Competition

Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 21 July 2015.

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How a Labor Union Keeps Mixed Martial Arts Illegal in New York

Big GovernmentThe EntrepreneurInterventionism

07/21/2015Mises Wire
Mixed martial arts competitions are legal in 49 states, but not in New York where an interest group keeps the sport illegal in an effort to punish a pair of businessmen.

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Jonathan Newman: Inflation and Business Cycles

Booms and BustsThe EntrepreneurMoney and Banks

Jonathan teaches some high school students on the subject of inflation.

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Wealth Must Be Created Before We Can Give It To the Poor

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurshipValue and Exchange

06/18/2015Mises Daily Articles
Charity serves an important and indispensable function in society: not everyone can engage in enough productive work to meet the daily needs of his or her family. But entrepreneurs and businesses have to create wealth before it can be given away.

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Let’s Hope Machines Take Our Jobs: We Want Wealth, Not Jobs

The EntrepreneurValue and Exchange

06/11/2015Mises Daily Articles
What if machines took most of our jobs? Things would become less expensive, and humans would become wealthier in real terms, just as has happened since the Industrial Revolution began. Fear of labor-saving technology continues unabated, nonetheless.

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Will Manny Pacquiao’s Huge Tax Bill Be Enough for the IRS?

The EntrepreneurTaxes and Spending

04/03/2015Mises Daily Articles
Global boxing star Manny Pacquiao, in spite of the fact he isn’t a US resident or citizen, owes the IRS $18 million, and they plan to demand a lot more when Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas next month...

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Patrick Byrne: Entrepreneurship, Austrian Economics, and the Cryptorevolution

The EntrepreneurFinancial MarketsFree Markets

Patrick discusses institutional design, Bitcoin technology, and the revolutionary technological opportunities that exist behind the Blockchain.

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