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Entrepreneur, Economy, and State

Booms and BustsThe EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

12/31/2015The Austrian
“Austrian insights distill the complexity of what we business owners do down to a very simple mantra: satisfy the desires of others. That's it. That's all any of us are trying to do.”...

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The Week in Review: December 19, 2015

Booms and BustsThe EntrepreneurHealthWar and Foreign PolicyEntrepreneurshipHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

12/19/2015Mises Wire
This week, the Federal Reserve raised the target Federal Funds Rate ever so slightly. The Fed perhaps felt it had to raise rates to protect its credibility, as credibility problems seem to be plaguing similar institutions worldwide.

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When Medical Doctors Are Entrepreneurs

The EntrepreneurHealthEntrepreneurship

12/18/2015Mises Wire
Statistics can only go so far in telling us about patients, so doctors must deal with uncertainty every day while applying the skills of entrepreneurs. In a way, the best doctors are often the best entrepreneurs.

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Technology and Government Shouldn't Mix

The EntrepreneurWar and Foreign PolicyEntrepreneurshipPolitical Theory

12/17/2015Mises Wire
The biggest technology problem we face today is not the rise of technology in the private sector. New technologies only improve worker productivity and wealth accumulation. The real problem is in the many ways that the state will use technology against us.

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The Week in Review: November 28, 2015

Big GovernmentThe EntrepreneurTaxes and SpendingU.S. HistoryEntrepreneurshipPricesValue and Exchange

11/28/2015Mises Wire
The true lessons of Thanksgiving are that private property, the market economy, and personal responsibility lead to prosperity, while government intervention makes us all poorer.

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Should People be Allowed to Work for $1 an Hour?

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurshipPricesValue and Exchange

11/23/2015Mises Wire
Amazon has developed a new way to help people do easy work for a little extra cash. The jobs involve repetitive tasks that computers can't do. But, since the jobs pay below minimum wage, we're told the whole thing should be outlawed...

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The Mises Week in Review: October 31, 2015

Big GovernmentBooms and BustsThe EntrepreneurThe FedGlobal EconomyMoney and BanksEntrepreneurshipMoney and BankingOther Schools of ThoughtPricesValue and Exchange

10/31/2015Mises Wire
The Fed's Federal Open Market Committee renewed its commitment to easy money this week. The Fed will pretend to be committed to raising rates while doing nothing, and its ongoing war against deflation will continue to make us poorer...

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The World Bank Threatens Free Markets in Peru

The EntrepreneurGlobal EconomyEntrepreneurship

10/30/2015Mises Wire
Thanks to enterprising Peruvians who ignore the regulatory state, Peru continues to see growth in the standards of living of its citizens. Unfortunately, the global elites behind the World Bank are determined to regulate and "modernize" Peru until this entrepreneurial spirit is destroyed...

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The Mises Week in Review: October 10, 2015

Booms and BustsThe EntrepreneurFinancial MarketsGlobal EconomyLegal SystemMedia and CultureTaxes and SpendingU.S. HistoryWorld HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical TheoryValue and Exchange

10/10/2015Mises Wire
International trade grasped headlines with Monday’s announcement that twelve governments have agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. While we should expect to see this celebrated in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal , it is unfortunate even libertarian organizations are...

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