Labor and Wages

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Will Our Grandchildren Work Only Four Hours Per Day?

Labor and WagesPoverty

Blog16 hours ago
If capitalists have their way, we may be looking at a future of 20-hour work weeks while producing a higher standard of living.

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Wages and Subsistence

Labor and WagesPoverty

Labor is appraised like a commodity not because the entrepreneurs are cruel but because they are subject to the supremacy of the pitiless consumers.

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Government Guaranteed Income is Not a Solution

Big GovernmentLabor and WagesU.S. Economy

Henry Hazlitt's critique of Milton Friedman's Negative Income Tax remains relevant as libertarians continue to embrace Universal Basic Income.

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Capitalism Is About Working Less to Earn More

Labor and WagesCapital and Interest Theory

If working is the price we pay to obtain things we want, then economic progress means decreasing this price thanks to continued productivity growth.

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We Don't Need to Create Jobs — We Need to Create Value

Labor and WagesPovertyValue and Exchange

Wages spring directly from, and are proportional to, the degree in which a job creates wealth by helping to satisfy an unmet need.

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Teaching "Tips": An Economic & Pedagogical Defense of Gratuities

Labor and WagesProtectionism and Free Trade

June 22, 2017


Auburn, Alabama

Join us at the Mises Institute at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, 22 June, as Anthony Gill presents a free lecture on the norm of tipping.

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Carmen Elena Dorobăț


Carmen Dorobăț has a PhD in economics from the University of Angers, and is assistant professor in International Business at Coventry University.

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The IMF's Global Tug-of-War

By their very nature, the IMF's policies perpetuate conflict among and within the nations of the world....

Division of Labor and Society: The Social Rationalism of Mises and Destutt de Tracy

Ludwig von Mises’s social rationalist views on society, first discussed in Salerno (1990), do not appear to...

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