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Hey Big Spender: France's Robust Military Spending

Taxes and SpendingWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


When French President Francois Hollande declared this week that France is "at war," this could only possibly have been news to people who weren't paying attention. Of course, France is at war.


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The Silent, Slow, Stubborn Revolution

Media and CultureWorld History

The most effective revolutions are in fact silent, slow, stubborn, and most importantly, peaceful.

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Millions, Billions, Trillions: The Disaster of Socialism, Once Again

World HistoryMoney and BankingPrices

As news of Venezuela’s suffering keeps coming through, one cannot help but feel a certain sense of dread. All governments control the money supply to essentially the same extent that Maduro’s administration does. All around the world we have monetary socialism, where national...

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How the West Poisoned the Mind of the East

EducationGlobal EconomyWorld History

Europe and America did not cause the plight of the underdeveloped nations, but they have prolonged its duration by implanting in their intellectuals the ideologies which are the most serious obstacle to any improvement of conditions. The socialists and interventionists of the West have poisoned...

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Media and CultureWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


Valiant Hearts is the rare game that combines engaging gameplay with a compelling narrative and a strongly anti-war message.


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A Bureaucracy Cannot Create a New Ideology

Global EconomyWorld HistoryHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPolitical Theory

Mises had diagnosed these problems long before they became apparent.  In a series of essays written between the two World Wars—but also in Omnipotent Government published in 1944—, Mises showed that in a world where governments interfere in their domestic markets, and...

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Star Wars: May the Fourth Be With You

Global EconomyThe Police StateWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Celebrate Star Wars Day: Here Are My Review/Previews of the Prequels. It's All About the Battle of Ideas!


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The Socialist Sinking Ship: Then and Now

Free MarketsWorld HistoryPrivate Property

If the Venezuelan example of socialism’s ultimate consequences baffles anybody, it is because of how little (economic) history people remember, and how quickly its lessons are forgotten.


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Iceland Drops Bid to Join EU

Global EconomyWorld History


The BBC reports the government of Iceland has announced it is no longer seeking EU membership for the North Atlantic state.

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