Capital and Interest Theory

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Professor Norman Barry on "Stakeholding" and the Firm

Capital and Interest TheoryPhilosophy and Methodology


My article "Shareholder, not Stakeholder," which argued against the collectivist notion of "the stakeholder," brought forth much disagreement, especially from the bohemian business types. Regarding this same topic, there is this...

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The Great Can Opener Gap

Capital and Interest TheoryPhilosophy and MethodologyValue and Exchange


I'm sick of our economic whiners and their tear-stained statistics. "Ten Million American children go to bed hungry every night." Baloney, thick sliced and ready for your intellectual palate! Who believes such falsification? Were it true, fifty million Americans, given the generosity of...

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Iraq's Monetary Policy

Money and BanksCapital and Interest Theory


I didn't know until the release of the "Iraq Study Group Report" that Iraq's "inflation is above 50 percent. Unemployment estimates range widely from 20 to 60 percent." So a quick look at the...

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Julian Simon's Wager With Paul Ehrlich

Calculation and KnowledgeCapital and Interest Theory


I'm sure most readers of this blog are familiar with Julian Simon's wager with Paul "The Population Bomb" Ehrlich. For those who don't know, Simon let Ehrich pick any five metals in 1980, and he bet that a basket of them...

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Who's Afraid of the CPI!

Money and BanksCapital and Interest TheoryMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


Everybody worries about inflation these days. It's chic. It's trendy. And it gives me a great comeback to the boss at raise time. "Congrats, Roberts, you're getting a 3% increase."

"Yeah, I just about keep up with inflation," I reply with that snippy look that bosses hate. A smart alecky...

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So Now It's Core Core Inflation?

Capital and Interest Theory


For the third month in the row, "core" consumer prices, which the Fed and accordingly also financial markets have decided to focus on ( for irrational reasons )...

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Stockpiling Gas

Capital and Interest Theory


AOL News (AP) reports on a market solution to rising gas prices: buy gas now and store it for later. That's right; create your own strategic oil reserve!

One lucky prospector is tapping the 99...

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Markets are both competitive and cooperative, but never coercive

Capital and Interest TheoryEntrepreneurshipPhilosophy and Methodology


When people consider the question of how society should be organized, there is a tendency to portray issues in terms of false alternatives. Such is the case with competition or individualism (i.e., market organization) versus cooperation or community (i.e., organization through government). It...

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debt and the trade against risk

Financial MarketsMoney and BanksCapital and Interest TheoryMoney and Banking


This post is in response to Stephan's. My objection to limited liability is actually one that he passes over quickly, and is not quite the same as van Eeghen's. He says, "As for voluntary debts being limited to the corporation's assets...

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Time Preference Theory and Its Critics

Capital and Interest Theory

A private graduate seminar presented at Mises University 2019.
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