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Recent Fed Speeches

The FOMC meeting is over and various Fed officials are back on the speaking circuit. Here is a summary of recent comments.

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Help Wanted: Lenders with No Experience (or Short Memories) to Make Risky Mortgages

Home values are up, flipping is back in vogue, and more than a little subprime sauce is needed to keep the party cooking.

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Fed Raises Rates — Will Other Central Banks Follow?

The Federal Reserve says it can now turn to tighter monetary policy if the economy continues to expand "as anticipated." But that's a pretty big if.

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Kaplan and Kashkari: Slowing Inflation Makes More Rate Hikes a Challenge

Dallas Fed's Robert Kaplan and Minneapolis Fed's Need Kashkari are less optimistic than Yellen about the prospects for 2% inflation.

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June FOMC Announcement: Rate Hike and Balance Sheet Plans

The Fed

The FOMC concluded their June policy meeting today and announced, among other things, their interest rate decision: another .25% rate hike.

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Fed Officials Can't See What's Right In Front Of Them

Why is it so controversial to suggest that we should leave interest rates and credit markets alone?

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This Week's Fed Events

It's FOMC week! Here are this week's events related to the Federal Reserve.

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Draghi Wants More Inflation

The ECB's policy statement was meant to communicate that everything was going strong, but not strong enough to slow down the monetary expansion.

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Monetary Tightening as "Excessive Monetary Action?"

Tim Duy pretends that rising interest rates is an example of an excessive Fed, but overlooks the true monetary excesses of monetary expansion.

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Trump Fed Nominees

Trump has chosen nominees for two of the three open Fed board positions: Randal K. Quarles and Marvin Goodfriend.

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