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Yuri Kuznetsov

Works Published inReview of Austrian Economics, Volumes 1-10Mises Daily Article

Yuri Kuznetsov is a researcher at the Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a member of the Institute for the Study of Russian Economy in Moscow

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Fiat Money as an Administrative Good

InterventionismMonetary TheoryMoney and BankingPolitical Theory

04/28/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Governmental taxation provides one mean by which fiat money could come into existence."
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Fiat Money as an Administrative Good

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

07/20/2005Review of Austrian Economics, Volumes 1-10
Yuri Kuznetsov suggests a scenario by which fiat money comes about, a scenario which may be useful for understanding some events in recent Russian history.


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